Monday, November 07, 2005

the network cold

cleared a friends machine of virus stuff today and was the second thing to prompt me about these gems,

is it really a problem or perhaps its an element of the network, all natural order has its unexpected additions and that could be what the virus. just a efficient program which spreads itself and is that not the goal??

why do we promote linux, windows, mac, solaris so people adopt it perhaps the virus is just the ultimate promotion. self promoting relentless unstoppable.

branching away from the virus there is an even more beautiful tool; the worm. these worms feature one of the most potent delivery vehicles a method of communicating data rapidly and massively across contents.

now as with all technology negative uses often following advances and the virus and worm are perhaps the two must hijacked techs ever. was there good to be offered by the worm, could its rapid transmission tell us something about our world.

well the worm is just a tool that replicates and distributes like a trash mag, or protest paper but then that depends on stance. perhaps the issue to examine is the writers why are they doing it what do they gain?

for some it is crime and for that there is no defense however perhaps there are some with other motivations. the target always seams to be the same government, large corporate, the anti virus tool itself. perhaps these are the tools of the new battle and what we see are symptoms rather than the problem.

people wanting to take back control that has been taken from them and acting as they no how, were there skills are.

Friday, November 04, 2005

and all the kings browsers...

well today i finally finished my browsers project

my fedora core 4 box 'pacey' to friends now allows me to surf the web in not only the normal army of linux browsers but now also in safari and ie6. How??

well firstly safari runs through an installed version of mac osX on pearpc emulating the power PC platform

and ie6 runs from within wine a much simplier affair

this means i can check compatability across most platforms and there is loads of cool geek factor in that