Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Michael Lynn Hero or Villian

Well another example of a white hat trying to help or perhaps just trying to nuke a biggie??

i never understand why firms get so annoyed by security being tested and them getting reports back about it and its only fair that you get to claim credit for your own work.

so whats the prob he find a fault with cisco, told them, they patched, he wanted to share, they balked.

maybe though, and i get this impresson more and more that hes found a fundamental problem something thats going to need fixing and a lot more work

but perhaps the real issue is that Cisco have been undermined and there closed development has been found to be lacking.

though there is not just bad news as there support and patching has been fast and responsive something the GPL'ed could learn from



Blogger Iain said...

dude, I thought you might've learnt how to make a link work.... :-)

1:18 PM  

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