Monday, August 08, 2005

how my wireless works

ok so after the last post i thought i would explain how i run my wifi perhaps it will assist others

well i am happy to enocurage open access and share the connection with others so i have a WAP running into a squid proxy server wich does filter out some dubious content it also logs access mac address.

i then run my own personal activity through a VNC connection to the machine running the proxy server. This is fully ssh and offers far more protection then wirless based encryption and is mac'ed tied as well

this setup offers a number of adventages over the locked down wifi model

1 i have a secured enycrpt link for my own use

2 i can share the connection without compromising my security

3 my normal network is isolated from the web as all my browsing is done through the VNC connection which is a FC2 box

well theres my setup for wifi


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