Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Virgin Media - time to go

So Virgin Media came out and said they don't believe in Net Neutrality.

Nice article


So what does that mean -

well basically things will get to your computer faster if the owner has paid. So some web shops could run faster, some online TV services faster, the same with standard information web sites. Though this has dangerous commercial consequences the graver concerns is the civil liberties.

Imagine a web service were some sites take a significantly longer time to load (2 more secs - a life on the web) how many people would never few that site. And how easy would it be to corrode this level of service to complete denial, hey if takes more than 20 secs would anyone ever see it.

So im about to move house into a cable area, but i'll be taking BT with me (not that they have impressed me) because net neutrality matters to me.


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