Monday, August 08, 2005

how my wireless works

ok so after the last post i thought i would explain how i run my wifi perhaps it will assist others

well i am happy to enocurage open access and share the connection with others so i have a WAP running into a squid proxy server wich does filter out some dubious content it also logs access mac address.

i then run my own personal activity through a VNC connection to the machine running the proxy server. This is fully ssh and offers far more protection then wirless based encryption and is mac'ed tied as well

this setup offers a number of adventages over the locked down wifi model

1 i have a secured enycrpt link for my own use

2 i can share the connection without compromising my security

3 my normal network is isolated from the web as all my browsing is done through the VNC connection which is a FC2 box

well theres my setup for wifi

Sunday, August 07, 2005

for the record

OK for the record i would like to encourage anyone and everyone to piggy back my net connection, in fact i think i will chalk my wall

ok i understand that many people do bad things and hide behind this piggy backing which is so not cool but a defence based on the classic wall is never going to resolve

and through all off this we should not forget that some people benfit if we all have to pay for a connection but that argument is not of great use here

rather the time when the web escapes the fixed connection is rapidly approching so any control based on fixed access is at best a temp soloution

so while some of us lock down, build walls and get hacked i'll just secure me and leave the rest open

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Michael Lynn Hero or Villian

Well another example of a white hat trying to help or perhaps just trying to nuke a biggie??

i never understand why firms get so annoyed by security being tested and them getting reports back about it and its only fair that you get to claim credit for your own work.

so whats the prob he find a fault with cisco, told them, they patched, he wanted to share, they balked.

maybe though, and i get this impresson more and more that hes found a fundamental problem something thats going to need fixing and a lot more work

but perhaps the real issue is that Cisco have been undermined and there closed development has been found to be lacking.

though there is not just bad news as there support and patching has been fast and responsive something the GPL'ed could learn from